Many of the cats we feed are special needs kitties, older cats, or have issues with their teeth and need soft food.
Our monthly cat food expenses range between $2,100 and 2,400 and is our biggest expense.
DOUBLE THE IMPACT OF YOUR DONATION by making a tax deductible donation during the
Donate on this site via PayPal, or call in your pledge to 305-743-2520 between 9am and 7pm during the pledge. THANK YOU!

Who We Are

Forgotten Felines is a non-profit organization established in 1997 by concerned Middle Keys citizens to help homeless and abandoned cats.

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What We Do

We spay/neuter as many homeless cats as our finances allow on a regular basis, and there is never a time when we have a surplus of money with no cats to spay or neuter. Forgotten Felines volunteers feed over 500 homeless and abandoned cats every day.

We are in desperate need of cash donations and cat food, as well as volunteers able to help us with our TNR Program (Trap, Neuter, Release) and volunteers to provide foster homes for adoptable felines until placed into forever homes.


2nd Annual
Forgotten Felines Feed the Cats Pledge Drive
May 26-30, 2014

Our 2nd Annual Feed the Cats Pledge Drive is scheduled for May 26-30, 2014. Your tax deductible donation wil be matched when pledged or received by us that week! You can donate online using PayPal on this website, or call in a pledge to 305-743-2520 between 9am - 7pm during the pledge week.

Thank you Richard Warner, PA, and some other generous donors, who have committed to match the first 4,000 raised for tis event!

The funds raised during this event will help us feed and medicate over 500 homeless and abandoned cats in over 38 colonies daily. Many of the cats we feed are special needs kitties, older cats, or have issues with their teeth and need soft food. Often we also assist non-Forgotten Felines colony caretakers or cat owners on disability with cat food donations.

The cats thank you for your support!

Amazon Smile Program
Now Supports Forgotten Felines!

Recently, we signed up with Amazon's "Smile" Program, which means every with Amazon order you please through this program Amazon will make a donations towards our organization. Just go to Amazon Smile to register and find out more.

2013 Feed The Cats Purrsday a HUGE SUCCESS

Richie Moretti, founder of the Turtle Hospital, graciously offered to match up to $5000 in pledges. With the help of some of our wonderful volunteers we held the “Feed the Cats Purrsday” Pledge event on June 27, 2013 and the results were beyond anything we had imagined and we received 16,800 in much needed funds to continue in our efforts to help the forgtoeen felines of the Florida Keys!

The cats thank you and Richie Morretti both for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

Santa Paws Event a Great Success!.

The Santa Paws event was a huge hit and we were thrilled with the great turnout! We raised $785 plus $200 donations and also raised some awareness about our organization!

A very special thanks to Conch Records who came to our event and made a video about Purrfect Thrift store. Watch it here.

Thank you to all for making this a success, and stay tuned, next year's event will be even better!

Cheap Shots Mobile Vet Clinic

The Mobile Vet Clinic will be traveling to the Florida Keys for a few days once per month to perform low cost spay/neuters, dentals and vaccinations. Feline spays/neuters start at $45 and canine spays/
neuters at $75. Dentals at $75.
Visit the Cheap Shots website for times, locations and more information

2014 Update

Forgotten Felines is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit cat rescue group in the Middle and Lower Keys, founded in 1997 with the mission of introducing and implementing a TNR (trap / neuter / release) program, helping abandoned and stray felines in need, and assisting low-income residents with food for cat colonies they were feeding.

Ever since Forgotten Felines founded and introduced, the TNR (Trap / Neuter / Release) Program, the homeless and stray population in the Florida Keys has decreased.

A couple of sad facts are that more cats than dogs enter shelters all year round and the euthanization rate at shelters for dogs is 30%, while it is 70% for cats. Also, abandoned and homeless cats not cared for suffer terribly from parasites and diseases, and often die slow and painful deaths.

We are always in need of volunteers to help at our Purrfect Thrift Sore and colony caretakers or colony sponsors.

If you would like to adopt a kitten or cat, please stop by our Purrfect Thrift Sore at 6303 Overseas Highway, or find us at Petfinder.Com

under "Keys Forgotten Felines" to meet our adoptable felines.

Forgotten Felines cannot thank everyone enough for all their help, support, and donations.

If you would like to take a more active role in our wonderful organization as either a volunteer, donor, sponsor or serve as a board member, please submit an application via this website, or call us at 305-743-2520.

Forgotten Felines

Forgotten Felines is an all-volunteer organization, everything you donate will go directly to helping animals in need.

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